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Train Red Blood Cell Detector in 5 min

Hello to everyone. The purpose of this post is to talk about object detection and show you how one can easily build and deploy an object detector using Intelec AI. Ok, let’s get started.

Object detection

Object detection is a subfield of computer vision, which is dedicated to identifying objects in images and videos. The use cases are endless, be it object tracking, video surveillance, self driving cars or face detection.

Object detection

Training an object detector from scratch is not an easy task. That’s why we’re introducing a new model trainer - YOLO object detector. using this trainer, one can easily train a custom object detector just providing a training dataset. The following section will demostrate exactly that.

Train and deploy an object detector in 5 min

I’ve trained a red blood cell detector, as an example, using the new model trainer “YOLO object detector”. You can watch the screen recording here:

The dataset, which I used in this example, is this https://github.com/cosmicad/dataset . You can clone the git repository, if you’d like to train your own red blood cell detector.

So that’s it. I hope you liked it. Until next time.