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Fun demonstration of face detection

Face detection can be regarded as a specific case of object detection. In object detection, the task is to find the locations and sizes of all objects in an image. Examples include pedestrians, cars, street signs and so on. Face detection algorithms focus on the detection of human faces.

Intelec Hub

Intelec Hub is a collection of trained models, which are presented to you by Intelec AI. You can easily deploy these models and use them.

There are the following models in Intelec Hub, at the moment:

  • YOLO object detector v2
  • MobileNet
  • Face detector
  • Age predictor
  • Gender classifier
  • Emotion classifier

You can check them out yourself here.


A while ago, I decided to use the face detection model from Intelec Hub to create a fun web application and here is the result:

Check the code here, if you’d like to know how it works in the background.